About Us

Started in 2012 by members and supporters of Omaha’s craft beer industry, Omaha Beer Week is an advocacy group that spotlights breweries, tap houses, craft beer bars, and hobby shops across the metro area. February marks the return of a week's worth of events and excitement specifically targeted at celebrating metro-area craft beer. 

Omaha Beer Week Board

As a 501(c)(6), Omaha Beer Week, Inc., is a non-profit organization led by a volunteer board of directors who help support the day-to-day operations of Omaha Beer Week. Current members include:

Charley Steed

Vice President/President Elect
Royce Sheibal

Mike Aitken

Yeager Sharpe

Members At Large

Phil Doer
Darrell McMillan
Kira Sheibal

Interested in becoming an Omaha Beer Week volunteer or member? Please contact Charley Steed at info@omahabeerweek.com.

meet our Sponsors

Interested in being a sponsor for Omaha Beer Week? Please contact Kira Sheibal at info@omahabeerweek.com